China English Teaching Horror Stories

Teaching English in China can be a risky venture, especially for inexperienced teachers who might fall victim to the more unscrupulous schools and administrators out there. Here we take a look at several horror stories which should illustrate what can happen when innocent English teachers fall into the wrong hands. And what you can do to keep yourself from becoming another victim.

Horror Story #1: “Illegal Immigrants” Two teachers signed contracts with an agency working with a primary school in Northeast China, part of the contract stipulating that the teachers were to come to China on tourist visas and that the school would arrange proper work visas and residence permits within a week of the teachers’ arrival. However, after the teachers arrived, one week turned into two, two weeks turned into a month, and soon the teachers found their L visas about to expire and still ... Read More>>

How to Marry Another Foreigner in China

While there’s plenty of information on the internet about how to marry a local as a foreigner in China, there isn’t a lot about marrying another laowai(foreigner) in China. I’ve recently tied the knot with another foreigner (I’m American, she’s Malaysian), and had to deal with embassies, governments, and other organizations before becoming legally married in China. Based off my experience, here’s my tips on marrying a foreigner in China.

How did this even happen?

There are hundreds of thousan... Read More>>

12 Types of Foreigners You’ll Definitely Meet in China

This is little article I started when I first came to China a year-and-a-half ago. I am a student at Renmin Univesrity of China hoping to stay in China after I graduate.

1. The China Expert

The China Expert has probably been teaching in China for over a year they’re able to use the local language at a basic level and they respect China generally. However The China Expert takes pr... Read More>>

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