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5 Strange Things You Can Buy From Chinese Websites

Sep 20, 2012By Andrea Scarlatelli,  
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1don Lloyd:

so how do I find a girl who wants to rent me for a day or two ? Sounds like a good source of income. And a nice way to spice up a holiday

ReplySep 20, 2012 09:24
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i am thinking so too..

ReplySep 20, 2012 11:38
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Renting a girlfriend sounds awesome, I'll only need a couple of hours with her. I bet this is just a masquerade for hooking. Sounds more like an escort service to me. Sure you only rent her for her company and anything else is an agreement between you and her haha.

ReplySep 20, 2012 10:06
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How much would they pay for a 6'4 foreign guy with a very happy baby mallet?

ReplySep 20, 2012 13:55
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5beard guy:

if you seriously can't bribe one of your lady friends to help you out or come of with some kind of lie, i laugh at you whole-heatedly.

ReplySep 20, 2012 14:14
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6family guy:

I second that emotion for being rented as a short term boyfriend!

ReplySep 20, 2012 21:29
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Save for the himalayan oysters, this all sounds like stuff you can win in a UFO game in Japan. Or wait, China's joining in on the hot topic: http://buildingmybento.wordpress. com/2012/03/17/chinese-claw-machines.

ReplySep 21, 2012 05:42
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8JAY (Just Another Yangguizi):

The plush toy looks more like a big cartoon-variety beehive, IMHO.
As for animal/livestock testicles eaten in certain parts of the world - bull testicles are eaten in the western US, where they're considered something of a delicacy (sometimes referred to as "Rocky Mountain Oysters"). I imagine they're probably also eaten in Argentina, Brasil, and Mexico. Sheep testicles are eaten by the Basque (France, Spain), in Italy, in the US, in New Zealand, and (I'm told) in Russia, Turkey, and modern-day Iran. Hard to get too "weirded out" about yak balls in a box unless you're some effete city slicker who never spent time in flyover country.

ReplySep 21, 2012 12:07
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I dont see how eating testicles is any different from eating any other dead animal parts, they are all disgusting and so cavemanish.

ReplySep 28, 2012 07:22
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10JAY (Just Another Yangguizi):

Also, the snake bile (actually, isn't this usually snake bile and blood?) remedy *might* actually have some basis in fact. In Western medicine we're now looking at alligator blood as a way to treat antibiotic-resistant infections (I can't include the link, but see "Alligator Blood May Put the Bite on Antibiotic-Resistant Infections" in Science Daily (Apr. 7, 2008)) as well as blood and venom from various snakes to help treat a range of health problems.

ReplySep 29, 2012 05:43

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